Zar Motors Introduces Amazing Electric Car in 3 Lac Rupees

Zar Motors

USA based Company Zar Motors Introduces Amazing Electric Car in 3 Lac Rupees. Local Auto manufacturing company Zar Motors have introduced this fantastic electric powered car with amazing features for 3 Lac Pakistani Rupees.

Zar Motors Electric Car

Zar motors have already launched Pakistan’s first electric powered Rickshaw that can with the speed of 40 Kilo Meter per hour and can travel up to 100-120 Kilo Meters in one charging. Pictures of this amazing car are getting viral on social Media.




No Patrol required.

No CNG required.

No Noise.

Maintenance almost none.

Environment Friendly.

Spare parts availability.

Spacious & Comfortable seats.

Electric wiper.

FM/AM Radio Mp3 player Warranties/Guaranties.

Charging as simple as cell phone charging.

Reverse gear function.

Crystal lights.

Countrywide Network.

Hand brake equipped.

Approved by all Government Departments.

Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

AGM Gel Cell Batteries.

Electric Car

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  1. Aslamualaikum
    Where do I buy this 3 wheel electric car.
    please send me full details , price and your addres in Rawalpinde or Lahore

  2. I need this electric vehicle. Can you please share your contact details so that we can make deal.

  3. i want this electric car .kindly send me detail of price and Where do I buy this 3 wheel electric car.

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