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YouTube Shomaila and Hassam Parted Ways after 10 Years Together

YouTube Shomaila and Hassam Parted Ways after 10 Years Together. Hassam worked hard and established his name but our society started following his wife like crazy. She just do makeup and stuff and got 300K plus subs on YouTube while hassam who started before her and alone have only 187K .

Same on Instagram she have 180K follower while Hassam at 57K With more audience means more money. She was dependent on Hassam for these 10 years soon she started making money herself and then universal truth came to him.

“When woman makes money she think she don’t need anyone and when man makes money he run towards family. “This is how its is and same happened with Hassam now Shomila is saying he kept her in cage and now his demands for wearing Hijab etc. are useless.

Validation from fans after Sholima left hijab grew exponentially and she got in trap of I am complete without him and I don’t believe in soul mates etc. She filed for divorce in court and Hassam will suffer a lot I know he is very kind heart and their daughter will suffer a lot as Sholima will get custody and Hassam will be broken.

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