Renowned Pakistani Writer Ishtiaq Ahmed Passes Away

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Most famous fiction writer of Pakistan Ishtiaq Ahmed who died of heart attack while he was going to travel to Lahore at Karachi airport. Ishitiaq Ahmed passes was 74 years old Pakistan’s most renowned and legendary fiction writer who was famous among people of almost any age.

Mehmood, Farooq, Farzana and Shoki and Inspectr Jamshed was most famous characters of his novels and these characters inspired youth of Pakistan.

He was the author of approximately 800 books and he got much popularity in 80’s and 90’s.He wrote his first book in 1973.

Ishtiaq Ahmed was born in 1944 in Indian City Panipat, Haryana State.His first story was published in 1960 and novel was published 2 years later. He got 50 rupees for his first novel. He was resident of Jhang and he was on visit of Karachi due to Karachi International Book Fair in Expo centre. He left five sons ,3 daughters and a wife behind him.

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