Injustice against the Middle Class and the Working Class in Pakistan


Injustice against the middle class and the working class in Paksitan is seen to be something very normal in our society, which is very ironic because our elders fought for this country so that everyone could live peacefully without any discrimination.

Injustice in Pakistan

This story that I’ve posted is just one of the thousand examples which occur every day in Pakistan, whether it’s outside on the roads, where people driving a cycle are constantly oppressed or inside our homes where we ourselves mistreat the maids and the guards. The real question that really arises in my mind is that why don’t we say anything against this system, where the upper class is always on the top of the hierarchy and the lower class is at the bottom?

We see kids like Tayyaba being brutally persecuted and treated as slaves in the hands of the ministers and MPA’s. In villages we see not even a single child being educated in the fear that they might rise up against the feudal system yet NO ONE raises their voice.

We as a nation are always ready to criticize other countries yet we fail to correct ourselves first.

In civilized world the one at mistake pays and settles it without indulging in street fight. Here the bike / rickshaws raise the slogan of poor people and try to get away after damaging a hard earned asset. The car owners too try to get away after an accident so the matter is resolved by fighting on the streets. There is no excuse to not pay the damages when you are at fault. If the poor people stops being an idiot on the road such issues would not arise.

Any sane person belonging to any class would beat the crap out of someone trying to run away after an accident without paying for damages.

Everyone knows the stunts bikers perform on the roads and most of the time they are themselves to blame and of course the poor people drama just to get away scot free. The caption of this video is absolutely wrong. So what should one do when a biker hits your car and then just says sorry and tries to leave, not everyone has black money you know, so shouldn’t the biker also take responsibility for his actions.


It’s the level of civic awareness in our society that lacking. Just imagine what a young child would learn when each morning his van driver/parent takes a wrong way or breaks laws of traffic before he even reaches school for learning.

Yes all such vehicle drivers are a cause of concern but I find others relatively easier to manage as compared to bikers. Personally don’t want to agree with you but it’s the sad state of affairs that forces you to go bumper to bumper. The worst is when they just come and hit you in the back with ease then jet off without any word.

Very frustrating element on road most of them have truck horns fixed the honk as if some airplane is over taking u from left side as well right side Even u honk at them least bothered.

Same goes for pedestrian. Who are walking on the road? If by mistake u honk at them to get aside they give u a hard glare as if you have done a big SIN in Pakistan.

There are some respected members in this group who thought positively about educating traffic to bikers in Pakistan. Do u think will they succeed in their mission I have my doubts. With respect to all of them, No one listen to your HORN. How will they listen to your lecture?

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