Woman Of Swabi

A woman who belongs to Swabi, a district in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where strong culture prevents women from working outside the home, Irum Khan broke this staunch tradition and joined the KP police force in 2008. Her eldest uncle supported her first while her father was not with that idea of working.

In the beginning, she struggled alone and set the example of all women who are lived in those backward areas in which women are not allowed to work outside from home.

Later she convinced her father. He eventually became her strongest supporter and this was her first success to break that staunch tradition. She gained the 1st position in the B1 promotion examination, and now she is a head constable. She has handled many cases of domestic violence also got training from UNDP and many other well-known organizations. Irum Khan Is also An Example for men who say that women are not for working.

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