Wikipedia Announces Photography Competition for Pakistan

Shangrila Resort Skardu : File Photo
Shangrila Resort Skardu : File Photo

Wikipedia Announces Photography Competition for Pakistan

Wikipedia has announced a photography competition around Northern Areas of Pakistan , aim is to promote Pakistan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage sites.

This is part of a global competition titled ‘Wiki Loves Earth, images for the competition can be submitted until 31 May 2015.

The competition is held every year in September 2013, 15 countries participate in this event but Pakistan is participating for the first time in “Wiki Loves Earth” event.

Title of the Competition is “Wikipedia Loves Northern Pakistan”pictures of scenic spots, forests, national parks, gardens and culturally important places can be sent this and anyone can take part in this Event,there are not any kind of tough rules and regulations.

Heavens unleashed,Neelum Valley of Pakistan

In June, the jury will start selecting images from Pakistan and selected ten best photos will be globally shared.Top Ten photographers who captured best pictures will receive prizes from Wikipedia and scholarship will be given to to International winning photographers.

If you are willing to participate in this competition,you can be the Part of this Event by clicking here.

It is pertinent to mention here that It is to be mentioned that Northern areas are famous for natural beauty in all over the world but due to Lack of security foreign tourists are afraid to visit these beautiful natural heritage sites.

Pakistan’s Beautiful but Hidden Valley

Pakistan is a country with Worlds most beautiful places but unfortunately Government of Pakistan is not serious in promoting tourism in the state.If Government promote tourism,it can be the largest Industry of Pakistan as in many countries including India,Tourism has become a leading Industry where Monthly thousand tourists come to Visit India.


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