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Wife Must Be Happy Than Husband For Happy Life, Study

 Happy Life

LONDON: Wife must be happy  than husband for happy life. In other words, we can say that in order to keep the vehicle of married life on track, it is essential for a wife to be happy more than her husband for living a happy life. The scientists have found an easy solution for pleasure in married life.

The scientists have said that there is a deep relation between happy wife and happy life because the comfort of the husband is hidden in the happiness of his wife. The scientists analyzed the standard of happiness of husband and wife’s married life on scientific basis.

The study published in a magazine based on social relations says that the weight of wife’s happiness individually was heavier than husband’s happiness that had spent long journey of their happy life after marriage. It means the happiness of wife was more important for happy life.

According to the study, if the wife was happy with her marriage life, her husband was also happy then. But there was an interesting thing that the individual happiness of the husband meant nothing that how much he was happy with his married life or how much he was satisfied with his life.

The study further revealed that the one of the reason for this truth was that when the wife was happy with her married life, she was ready to do everything for her husband and that resulted positively on her life.

The scientists researched on 394 married couples who were the part of a study concerning their health, income and disability in 2009. These couples had spent 39 years of their married life whereas average ages of these couples were 60 or over.

The researchers asked the couples various questions i.e. did their life partners appreciate them or nag them? Did their life partners understand their emotions or they had controlled their nerves? In addition, the couples were asked to write detailed diaries.

The couples were asked that they should write about how much they spent their time happily during their activities of last 24 hours including household chores, shopping and watching televisions. The couples marked 5 of 6 numbers while they were classifying the satisfaction in their lives.

It was noticeable that the husbands marked rather positive ratings as compared to the wives. The researchers concluded that those couples who individually termed the standard of their married life, their lives were associated with happiness and satisfaction.

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