Why You Should Not Leave Your Kids Alone With Their Father

These picture proves that you should not leave your kids alone with their father.Mothers and fathers both love their children equally, but it is said that fathers are a bit careless and they do not follow any kind of instruction or precaution. Yes you can say that it is true but it does not mean that fathers do not love their kids or they love less then mothers, We can say that this is also a way to express their love and care with their beloved children.

Mother Vs Father

Some times this kind of fun could be harmful for their children so dad should be careful and they should think thousand times before doing any experiment on their children because little kids are very sensitive and any kind of mistake could be harmful for their kids.

Mom Vs Father

Usually mothers do not let their kids be alone with their fathers because they know that fathers can not take this responsibility of taking care the ids so prevention is better then cure.

Kids Alone With Their Father

It is not true that all fathers are just like that,many fathers are more conscious and sensitive about their kids than their mothers.These are pictures shows that fathers are more funny and humorous with their kids and on the other side mothers are very strict and they follow precautions while doing anything with their kids.

Kids Alone

These Funny picture will surely put a sweet smile on your face and you will laugh for sure and you would be thinking that you should not leave your kids alone with their father.

Funny Papa

Funny Mother

Funny Mom

Funny Kids

Funny Fathers

Funny Daddy

Funny Dad

Funny Child

Father Vs Mom

Dad Vs Mom

Caring Parents

Caring Mother

Caring Father

Best Father

We can not compare mothers vs fathers, both are much important for their kids and we also can not judge their love for their adorable kids.These all images was just for bringing smile on your faces.Love of father and mother for their children is unconditional and we can say that this is the only relation exist in this world that is priceless.

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