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Jang and Geo

As we sit on the crossroads of history when the biggest institutions of the state go head to head in a knockdown drag out brawl and the country divided into two clear factions with the majority siding with the Armed Forces of Pakistan the recent scuffle between the biggest Media house in Pakistan (GEO) and Pakistan’s premier spy agency (I.S.I) has left many on the edge of their seats excited, angry and nervous on what’s to come next…

All this started when one of the most well-known Political commentator in Pakistan Hamid Mir was shot recently in Karachi while travelling for a official meet up (As reported by the media) His car was stopped at one of the busiest roads of Karachi and shot at with some bullets making their way into Mir’s Stomach, shoulder and Groin as the reports suggest what followed this incident turned out to be a Fiasco which in my humble opinion will be remembered for ages to come…

Hamid Mir lies in the Hospital unconscious while he is being operated on and GEO starts a ridiculous tirade about how Pakistan’s premier spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence is involved in the heinous act with a string of programs on the topic lasting 8 hours and a plethora of farcical debates on the topic showing images of DG I.S.I (General Zaheer-Ul-Islam) as the main culprit behind the attack while Hamid Mir lies unconscious oblivious to the development. One of GEO’s most reputable journalist comes on the air via telephone and starts demanding the I.S.I chief to step down from authority as this attack was carried out under his watch and he was the one to blame…To put it all in a Nut-Shell GEO was hell bent in proving that I.S.I has tried to assassinate their premier TV Anchor.

Now that a few days have gone by and as the dust is slowly starting to set on all the commotion I.S.I has vowed to take this matter to the supreme court and have GEO and it’s owners tried for treason for Maligning Pakistani Armed Forces and the I.S.I making Pakistan a laughing stock in the eyes of the world bringing further shame and disgrace to the nation of 180 Million and accusing their Military Personnel on false accusations based on assumptions before any inquiry is undertaken and showing them as guilty until being proven as such…Stands to be tried under the Article 6 of the constitution demanding Death Penalty under the act of High treason against the state of Pakistan.

Geo Refuses to Back track and remains firm on its stance while the Armed Forces seem determined to nail Geo for this seemingly treacherous act of mutiny.

This battle has a lot going on in the background probably too much to even begin writing on but this is shaping up to be one the biggest cases in the history of Pakistan with dire repercussions for the losing party.

Social Media in Pakistan blew up after the incident with a clear majority behind the Armed Forces and the I.S.I voicing their sentiments on twitter and Facebook and other media outlets showing their anger and frustration of the scenario.

As sides are being chosen and the daggers drawn we sit on the edge of history a decisive moment that we are all a part of, I a guy who prides himself on being a “PATRIOT”

Stand with the Armed Forces of Pakistan and if they are reading this I have a message to convey….

“The Battle has been initiated and you have sworn to protect your homeland with Life, limb and Blood so come what may stand firm and if GEO is pardoned with a sorry or they find a way out of this situation unscathed then I will seriously have to consider my undying support for the Armed Forces of Pakistan especially the higher ups who sit on the big seats and make the decisions…You are here the nation is behind you Victory is yours don’t let them get away this time because as the old fable goes The Frankenstein ended up Destroying the Village till he was cornered and killed…!!!

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