Waqar Zaka:The Only Pakistani Who Took A Step on his Own to Reach Burma

Waqar in Burma

The host cum actor, Waqar Zakar, is one of the most controversial media figures of Pakistan. While many appraise his guts, the others dislike him for his outspoken attitude.

However, whatever his disposition, Waqar has proved himself that he is not an empty vessel like most of our politicians and has actually reached Burma to help the suffering Rohingya Muslims.

The ‘Living on the Edge’ host, Waqar Zaka, has taken it onto himself to bring about a change in Burma. Covering from Rohingya Muslims camps in Burma, his work has set the social media ablaze.

Apparently, Waqar Zaka is in Myanmar these days, being the first Pakistani to visit the place to help the Muslims in misery, posting his relief work through videos on his social media pages.

We are all well-informed about the poor conditions prevalent in the Muslim country of Burma. The ongoing tension between Rohingya and other Muslims, including Kaman, and Rakhine Bhuddists reached its extremity in 2012.

The conflicts ensued as tit-for-tat sectarian clashes but soon they transformed into a tactful genocide, aiming to wipe off the Muslims from Burma.

The series started with the video Waqar uploaded on first reaching Burma. It highlighted the impediments he had to encounter on his way, the amount of money and the purpose he had come for. It also reflected upon his intentions of proving himself as a man with a heart.

The ‘Dare-devil’ further imparted that his videos would unmask the few faces in Pakistan who had been claiming to have sent ‘help’ to Burma.

The selfie-videos uploaded by the anchor, display the plight of the Rohingya Muslims, and show him in an utterly helpless and enraged mood, imploring his viewers for donations.

One of the many video clips even shows him crying at the misery inflicted upon a Muslim in Burma where he had to witness his mother`s rape before his own eyes; the worst thing being the fact that the security forces stood with the assailants.

Waqar Zaka Pakistani

Waqar`s videos present him deeply disappointed at the Pakistanis who would not believe him and termed the videos appealing for funds for the troubled Muslims as a publicity stunt or a ploy to get his ratings soaring.

The VJ deplored the despair of the Burma Muslims and is resolute before his viewers that he would try to sort out the friction between the Buddhists and Muslims. He expressed his desire of putting an end to this brutality.

He claimed to have captured the moments of sheer inhumanity that the Rohingya Muslims in Burma had to endure on his spy cameras and that he would soon be sharing them on the internet. He expressed his wish of taking some of the Muslims with him, but also clarified that he didn’t have enough money and that monetary assistance from his viewers was more than welcome.

Moreover, the clips also revealed how the media people and the sponsors he approached for assistance in his mission inquired him about the ‘contract’.

Most of the videos and his posts, however, show him imploring the Muslims of the world for donations, through Western Money Transfer, so that they could be employed into the noble cause of helping their Muslim brothers of Burma.

Notorious and infamous that Waqar is for his carelessly uttered slang words on media and derogatory remarks, he has proved that his guts, put to an effective use, can actually serve a charitable purpose.

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