US mountaineer rescued from K-2 base camp by Pakistan Army


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan army rescued a 38 years old US mountaineer, Robert Jackson, from the K2 base camp.Robert was on a 27-member team expedition to the K2 summit along with his adventure buddies. The team has come to Pakistan on 16th June.

An Inter Services Public relations statement told, “He had to suffer from altitude sickness on his way to K2 when he was assisted by the Pakistan army and airlifted to Skardu for medical treatment through army aviation helicopters.”

K-2 base camp has thus far hosted five mountaineering teams, out of which one constituted of South African-born Swiss adventurer, Mike Horn, who aspired to climb the summit, followed by skiing down to the ground.

However, majority of the team members have decided on acclimating to neighboring broad peak due to the frequency of avalanches on K2.

The avalanches on K2 have become more recurrent after the earthquake in China last week.

Samina Baig, being the first ever Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani overall to climb Mount Everest, has also reached the base camp with Mirza Ali, her brother, in order to aim of scaling K-2.

Earlier in April, Baig was one of the few lucky ones who survived the frightening avalanche on Mount Everest following the earthquake which shook the soul of the entire Nepal.

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