Urdu to Replace English as the Official Language in Pakistan

Urdu Language

News has it that the Government of Pakistan has decided to make Urdu the official language both inside and outside the country. Orders have been passed to undergo all possible arrangements to make it possible. This implies that the country’s Prime Minister, President and other governmental figures will be making their speeches and welcome the foreign officials in Urdu language, even when they are abroad.

Moreover, an official directive has been sent from the Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, which clearly asks all the representatives of the government departments to propose ways to implement Urdu as the country’s official dialect instead of English.

All possible endeavors shall be made so as to completely replace English with Urdu within one and a half decade from today.

Following the move, everything official including websites for government institutions, passports, utility bills, driving licenses and all other credentials will be produced in Urdu too.

As per the reports from media, the government officials are determined to succeed English by Urdu. Meanwhile, English may be used for official purposes until proper arrangements are made for its replacement by Urdu.

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  1. I think this is the best decision ever taken by Gov but this will create greater confusion when it will come to the interpreting and translation as for every single document now we will need one in English.

  2. Pakistan is taking a step backwards. Why are China, Singapore and Hong Kong so successful in the world of international business? It is because their people can speak English.

  3. good news but make sure that urdu can be written without using english .if so tell me the urdu of the following
    mobile phone
    air conditioner
    and etc etc

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