UK based Muslim School Bans Interaction with the ‘Outsiders’

DEWSBURY, UNITED KINGDOM: A UK based Muslim School has prohibited its students from interacting to ‘outsiders’ and threatened that mixing with other children will result in their expulsion.

The students, mainly boys ranging from 13 to 19 years, of the UK based Muslim School in the Markazi Mosque compound , have been warned of expulsion if they are discovered interacting with other children or anyone from the media.

Furthermore, the children are also prohibited from watching television, reading newspapers or listening to the radio.

The handbook from the school enlists items that the students are not permitted to carry with them, which includes portable TVs, cameras, mobiles phones and mp3 as they are ‘prohibited in Islam.’

Shabbir Daji, the chairman of the school’s governing council, clarified that the school “works for unity.” However, staying away from the media is one of its policies.

In spite of introducing a more rigid inspection policy, the school inspection body of the government has rated the boarding school ‘good.’

The latest inspection rules were announced in April in the wake of reports that hardline Muslims had attempted to take over schools. These regulations include a requirement that schools encourage “fundamental British values.”

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, had persuaded the British leaders to do more in order to promote the British values and has suggested integration.


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