Tunisia to close down 80 mosques for inciting Sousse terrorist attack

Sousse terrorist attack

TUNISIA : Prime Minister, Habib Essid, told on Friday that the Tunisian government plans to shutter 80 mosques that remain beyond the state control kindling violence as a protective measure after the terrorist attack at a hotel in Sousse that killed 39 people.

The Prime Minister announced the clampdown after a gunman blindly opened fire on families and tourists staying at a resort in Sousse city.

Whilst speaking to a news conference, Mr.Habib informed that about 80 mosques outside government control were suspected of “spreading venom” and would be padlocked within a week.

Furthermore, Essid promised to clear the country free of any party or group acting “outside the constitution”.

As per the AFP report, the attack is believed to be the worst in the recent history of the northernmost country of Africa, killing at least 39 people, including tourists and children, on Friday in a bloodbath at a Tunisian tourist beach resort.

The startled holidaymakers reported scenes of utter chaos and confusion as the mass murderer opened fire at them.

Moreover, the interior ministry spokesman, Mohammad Ali Aroui, confirmed that an armed man entered the hotel from the back and opened fire at the people basking in the sun.

The attack victimized several people, including 15 Britons. Many are also reported to have been hospitalized. The gunman was shot at the scene.

The terrorist attack came only a few months after another attack in Tunis on the Bardo National Museum in March, in which 21 foreign tourists and a policeman bid farewell to their lives.

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