Tips for Travelling To Columbus, Ohio


Columbus is Located  in  the  Midwestern  State  of  U.S.A, Ohio  in  famous  as  the  Geographical  &  Cultural  crossroad  in  North  America.  It  is  a  part  of  the  Great  Lakes  region  in  the  East  of  U.S.A.  Since  1700 s, people  from  Mid-Atlantic,  New  England  Appalachia as  well  as  the  upper  South, are  settled  here.

Tips for Travelling To Columbus

Ohio  which  was  initially  classified  as  a  portion  of  the  North  Central  region  before  1984,was  divided  into  2  districts  regions.  Presently  lying  along  the  East  North  Central  states  division, it  is  the  7th  largest  State  in  U.S  in  terms  of  population.

Several  considerations  are  to  be  borne  in  mind  if  one  is  traveling  to  Ohio, particularly  in  Columbus. Several  areas  are  prone  to  risks  and  dangers  to  the  tourists.  Something  should  be  taken  note  of  when  planning  to  visit  Columbus, Ohio.  These  information has  been  taken  from  people  who  have  visited  this  region  and  from  the  residents  of  the  State which  includes  the  following:

Eastern  Columbus  has  higher  crime  rate  compared  to  the  Western  side.  Western side is relatively less hazardous.

Imposition of Law

The spring cleaning service tx are serious about the cleanliness and the safety of this city.  Various  Laws  have  been  imposed  against  speeding, loitering  and  jay walking  .  Hence  litters  should  be  disposed  properly  and  pedestrian  lane  should  be  used  for  crossing.

The  Law  against  speeding  allows  to  cross  the  actual  limit  by  1  mile.  Large  fine  is  demanded  for  the  violation  of  the  speeding  Law  especially  in  the  region  near  New  Rome, Fine of $1,000 i.e.  Charged for littering for-those caught either by police or there video monitoring device. They depend on this for their revenue and thus they are quite strict about their laws.

Huge fines are set up for dumping and they strictly implement this law. $100 fine is charged for crossing the street at the wrong time i.e. when the lights are blink red. During business hours this law is implemented more vigorously.

Driving Laws:

Few tourists note the residence of Ohio because of the issue related to driving especially when making a turn. Left turns can be expected to come from left. There can be straights from the lane which are “turn-only”. A “7 –second rule “is followed which states that a turn should be taken within 7 secs of eight blinking red.

The Traffic:

Before planning a trip to Columbus, a check should be kept on the various construction site or the areas creating a problem. One way streets are one of the major reasons for getting lost in this city.

Uncertain Areas:

Ohio is guarded by the Livingston Avenue on the south, Children’s’ Hospital on the west, Nelson on the east and Morse on the north. In spite of being popular for its cleanliness and politeness of its residents, certain areas like the west side along Mound Street and South side of South Persons should be avoided a t niter.

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Lurking should be avoided in this area at night. In spite of all these limitations, Columbus is considered to be safe as granted. The average murder rate per year is 60.But it is still lower in comparison to other cities which are smaller in size than Columbus.

The state university in Ohio is very well lighted and safe, but at night, care should be taken as it becomes a bit-sketchy. For those who find candy buckeyes delicious, they can buy them from Anthony Thomas as real ones are poisonous.

Indecisiveness and unpredictability of the climate in Ohio very well suggests one to pack all sorts of winter clothes, sunscreens and rain gear.


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