Few Things You Need to Know About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Few Things You Need to Know About Mother Teresa.

1.She died with millions of $ in her account
2. Used a miserable place where 50 terminally people would sleep in small room, and use same toilet in front of each other, she would never make this place better by spending money she got from aid because this place was the marketing tool she used to take money from people.
3. She would not let these terminally ill people meet with their relatives. Like any other cult leader. They were not allowed to sit or walk they were just supposed to lie down on their beds and wait for death.
4. Money she got in the name of poor and sick she spent that on nunneries and propagation of Catholicism and shared with Vatican.
5. Teresa was not her real name, it was a con name.
6. Home for sick people she made was no hospital and nuns were not there to cure the sick. It was a place where poor people would come to die. There was no care of keeping ill apart from terminally ill and people carrying contagions like. A place that needed doctors and nurses had nuns as caretakers instead.

She let her patients suffer and many of her facilities didn’t even have basic sanitation despite her charities raising hundreds of millions of dollar. She was a hypocrite and preferred patients to suffer, while she herself made sure to receive top of the line medical care at the most updated facilities. Please educate yourself on topics before forming an opinion, and sharing said opinion.

She said HIV was the punishment for inappropriate sexual behavior. How anyone can be considered saintly who believes this utter garbage. She thought suffering was noble and brought the poor unfortunates closer to Jesus. She took money from despots and flew first class.

She wrote how she lost her faith. How she felt nothing. She was a PR machine and I guarantee after today her actions and how she conducted herself will come under more scrutiny.

There is a massive amount of evidence to show she was not the angel her press claimed. People get angry when you criticize people like her as they see it as an attack against the church. It is and should be. The Catholic Church has been burying terrible abuse for centuries; making this woman a saint will be seen as another example of having evidence of UN saintly behavior, but choosing to ignore it.

Mother Teresa Declared as Saint by Pope Francis in Vatican ceremony

The evidence of her methods will come out more. She was no Saint. The evidence will prove that. If you haven’t looked at the evidence, I would suggest you do prior to jumping to her defense.

I have just searched on Google about it and the Wicked Witch of Calcutta, and the wicked witch of Albania comes in the search results, and both names have been associated with this saint before. Well, the pope can say whatever he wants and canonize the whole world for all I care, I don’t believe in dead saints but I believe in what’s recorded in history, the woman was crazy.

She “served” the poor, and the sick by denying them basic medical care because she believed their suffering brought them “closer to God”. Who are you to say they were undeserving? Who was she to deny the dying even pain relief while claiming that she was helping? Why is it OK that she refused medicine and even hygiene to the people in her “hospitals”, but insisted on modern hospital care for herself when she fell ill herself?

It can be true that she had those orthodox ideas, sure. But who of you condemning persons ever had the guts to leave their “safe”, wealthy, rich environment and exchange that to constantly live poor and see the cruelties of all poverty there in India. It is so easy to judge on someone else his/her mistakes. I admit, I’m far from perfect. But I try not to judge and I hope you will too.

She misappropriated charitable funds to the tune of millions and left thousands to die in overcrowded squalor. Her Nobel Prize is the most unjust award ever. Can we just stop with this insane useless indoctrinated absurd nonsense? The problem is not her Catholic faith, is the truth of how she treated and deny treatments to the poor under her care because her believe. Also where did the entire donation go? There is no transparency and no one knows where the money actually went/go.

I lived and worked in India for almost a decade in the medical field and having absolutely nothing to do with religion. This woman gained international recognition in a day and age when India was known solely for its supposedly starving masses and was not recognized as the growing economic, political and scientific world power it was becoming she belonged in a world of superstition and in a time of ignorance many centuries ago.

Blog by : Martha Stewart

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