These Old PTV Commercials Will Remind You of Your Childhood

Old PTV Commercials

If you are Pakistani kid and you born in 80’s or 90s, then you must remember These Old PTV Commercials that will surely Remind You of Your Childhood. The music and jingles of those commercials are still fresh in our mind as this is story of today. Years have been passes, things have been changed, you will definitely find the absence of latest technology and the graphics in these ads but these ads were more attractive than the current one. Have a look at this video and think that what we have lost in the race of technology.

Old PTV Commercials by Regionalpost

Commercials of Binica, Dentonic, Kiwi, Norass, Metromilon Agerbatti,Naaz Paan Masalha, polka panda and Molty foam can be seen in this Video Compilation. Those were the days when we did not have any kind of latest cell phones, pads or tablet pc’s but what we had the norms and values. We had the respect for Elders and Love for youngsters. Our Media was not so effective that we could know about each and every update that what is happening around us, but whatever Media used to inform us, that was enough for us.

Marketing Trends have been changed as compared to the Advertisements in past two or three decades, but the reason of Marketing is same that is to gain more and more consumers every day.

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