The Swedish Counselor ridiculed for suggesting Halal meat turns people into Muslim


Michael Öhman, the Swedish counselor from a local wing of the Swedish democratic Party, is being ridiculed for suggesting that Halal food contains magical powers which transform people into Muslims.

While talking to Sala Allehanda newspaper in earlier week, Mr. Öhman told, “You become Muslim if you eat Halal meat” in order to prohibit Halal food from being served in schools. His party members claim that the Halal meat contravene with the laws against animal cruelty in their state.

Moreover, the right-wing Populist Party members also think that serving halal food make the diners Muslims on their own.

The local education authority explained that they only slaughtered meat the halal way for two kids who had themselves requested them to do so.

On being inquired about the problem to feeding halal meat to the non-Muslims, the Swedish counselor replied: “It is unthinkable for the non-Muslims to eat halal; it is solely for the Muslims. You become one too if you eat halal meat.”

To this, the newspaper commented that there is not any magic in Halal meat which can turn you into a Muslim, to which Michael gave a very skeptical answer, “There is.”

The newspaper confirmed if he was suggesting that halal meat contains magic, and Michael Öhman said, “Yes, it is precisely what we have been warned.”

Öhman’s remarks on halal meat have set the social media berserk. People are mocking at the politician’s non-sensical comments. An internet user satirized in one of the related posts, “If only you realized how magical Halal meat is. How else do you think that Aladdin could fly on a carpet?

However, the reports reveal that the move to ban Halal food is unlikely to gain weight since there is a general acceptance of Muslim values in Sweden.

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