The Statue OF Liberty Came to New York 130 Years Ago

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has been the trademark monument for the New York City since years now.The Lady Liberty, serving as a major eye candy and the years old beacon for the new-arrivers, is a neoclassical sculpture, made by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, gifted to the United States by France as a token of their friendship 130 years ago.

The structure, being over 110 feet tall, arrived to the NYC in 350 pieces through the Atlantic Ocean in a French steamer named Isere on June 17, 1885.It took another ten months to get assembled and eventually was dedicated on 28th October, 1886.

The Statue represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom.Since then, the statue has stood erect with all its magnificence, serving as a universal symbol of liberty and democracy.

The Lady, officially called ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’, was presented to America by French to display its support in demolishing the slavery in the country. And hence the projection of the copper statue signifies the free nation that United States is.

Statue of Liberty Newyork
The Statue OF Liberty Came to New York 130 Years Ago

Interestingly, the seven edges of the crown on the Lady Liberty’s head represents the seven continents and the seven seas of the world.

The statue of liberty was originally of dull brown, which is the natural colour of Copper. Unfortunately, the process of oxidation has turned the murky brown into pale green. It might appear like a sign of deterioration, but the good news is that the statue is still sturdy and intact as ever before.

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