The Mesmerizing Beauty of Pakistani Gojal Valley

Gojal Beuaty

Gojal valley, renowned as Upper Hunza, of Northern Pakistan is a mesmerizing place, thickly carpeted with snow all year round. The snow creates a mesmerizing view in this kingdom of white, complemented by rivers, lakes and mountains.

Beauty of Pakistan

There is no military check post or any other sign of humanity far and wide. Facing the Pakistan friendly country, China, is the Khunjerab Pass at the Pak-China border, a barbed wire separating the two friends. This is where the reputedly 8th wonder of the world, Karakoram highway, ends.

Beautiful Gojal

It goes through the crystal-clear water of Karakul Lake, settlements of gypsies and nomads and passing the double humped camels, it eventually comes to an end at Kashgar. A road leads to Yarkand from here and another to the world`s second largest desert, Taklamakan Desert.

Gojal Pakistan Valley

Gojal`s most prized possession is Attabad Lake. 22 kilometer long and 220 feet deep, Attabad Lake is one of the biggest, fresh water reservoirs in Pakistan and is filled with the aquamarine water of River Hunza.

Gojal Valley Pakistan

The river, breath-taking as it is, has engulfed 18 kilometers of the Karakoram Highway, hence the only way to get back on the track is to cross the water body to reach Hussaini village, where you can get on the Highway again.

Gojal Valley

The extreme noise from the engine exudes an aura of inaudibility throughout the 45 minutes journey, and so the passengers cannot help but notice the Passu Cones, a series of pointed, nail-like mountains, as the boat makes a turn.

Pakistani Valley

The area is mostly inhabited by Pakhtuns, with startling resemblance to Goras, thanks to their blond hair and ocean-blue eyes, freckled faces with the reddest cheeks.

Valley of Gojal

The Hussaini Village leads to the most populous area of Gojal, Gulmit. As you enter this new scenario, the Passu cones never lose your sight, erected with full magnificence in the background.

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