The Last Remaining Giraffe in Pakistan Dies of Heart Failure

Giraffe in Pakistan

Lahore :The Last Remaining Giraffe in Pakistan Dies of Heart Failure a Lahore Zoo on Monday. Zoo officials say that Giraffe “Sunny” had a heart attack due to lung cancer.

Lahore Zoo Director Shafqat Ali said that his death was sudden and according to preliminary investigation it looks like his heart stopped working, Then we called the Veterinary University team and they inspected. However, the final medical report is yet to be finalized.

Zoo officials said that 35 thousand tourists visited the zoo on Sunday. They were entertained by Giraffe “Sunny” and were quite cheerful.

In 2007, Sunni and two female giraffes were imported from Africa to Lahore Zoo. Two of them were died because of pollution. It is to be mentioned that Lahore Zoo is located at the junction of the busy highway, and every time the pressure of traffic pollution is high enough.

Many animals in the zoo have been affected because of pollution. Several animals have been died due to tuberculosis and lung disease at Lahore Zoo.

Zoo management many times tried to shift Animals to safe place where animals could be safe from pollution but these plans are still on papers and Government is also not taking any kind of Interest.

Lahore Zoo director said that the place of Zoo is historically famous and Location is also good that’s why it cannot be transferred to another place.

During the last eight years nearly three million tourists visited the zoo, especially the children entertained, Zoo management always tried to take care of all animals.

Sunny was the last Giraffe in Pakistan and now there is not any Giraffe can be found in any Zoo of Pakistan .Zoo workers are really sad because of Sunny’s death/One the worker said that he will always Miss Sunny.

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