First Edition of ‘The Hobbit Book’ Sold for 137k Pounds

The Hobbit Book

The first edition of British author, John Ronald Tolkein’s 1937 novel the hobbit book, with an inscription by the author is Elvish, got sold in an auction held at London at 137,000 pounds. The Elvish verse happens to be an extract from ‘The Lost Road’. The Lost road is only a part of the ‘History of Middle earth’, written by Tolkein himself, consisting of 12 volumes.

The surprising figure of 137,000 pounds overtakes the previous record of 60,000 pounds for a sale of another first edition of The Hobbit, set in 2008.

Fact has it that Tolkien gifted the book to his student from Leeds University, Katherine “Kitty” Kilbride, in the 1920s. The copy is signed by the author and contains a four lined inscription from him too, which is a personal dedication from him to his student.

 The hobbit book featured the character of Bilbo Baggins and the ‘one ring’ that later appeared in his trilogy of ‘The lord of the rings’

The Hobbit Book got sold on Thursday during the auction of children`s books and illustrated works at the renowned auction house, Sotheby.

The auction house kept the identity of their generous buyer a secret but they did displayed their surprise at how the first edition of the hobbit book has been sold at a price twice their expectation of 70,000 pounds.

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