The Hazara Community Sit-in Enters its Third Day

The Hazara Community Sit-in Enters its Third Day and still nothing from Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted FIVE times about the New Zealand Mosque attack, gave examples of their country and their PM and assured all support.

Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to do ONE condemnation tweet about a horrific blast targeting the most persecuted community in his own country. And that’s it. No visit, no assurance that their demands will be met, no signing of an agreement like this Government did with TLP and Khadim Rizvi. Nothing.

It’s very easy to blame the previous governments for everything that is going wrong. But who is stopping you to visit the families who have lost their loved ones? Who are demanding their basic right – the right to live.

This child in the picture should be in school, not holding a speaker at a protest hoping that his voice will also be heard someday and he’ll be able to live in a safe, tolerant and peaceful Pakistan.

The shocking and sobering reality. The picture below is that of a Hazara graveyard in Mariabad. It is said that not a single person in this graveyard has died a natural death. 

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