The Disney Sequel Frozen 2 Movie Review

Frozen 2 Movie Review

I watched in 2D at Cinema as it was available in 2D at that time otherwise i’ll definitely recommend to watch it in 3D. The story involves Elsa,Anna,Kristoff,Olaf and Sven who set about on a journey towards the dark forests to explore the unusual magical powers of Elsa after the Elsa hears a mysterious voice calling out to her.

I consider that the story of this movie is a great follow-up of Frozen 1. Melodious voice of songs entering the ear time to time in the movie makes it quite interesting. Improvement of Snowman’s character “Olaf” cheered many souls sitting there as it was quite funny. Spine Chilling scenes were when Elsa and Anna along with Kristoff and Olaf en-route towards the forest and then encounter fire in forest which Elsa controls it by her magical powers and makes those paths frozen where it catches fire.

Scenes,visuals,animation and songs are superb for which you will rate the movie highest. Throughout the movie i was captivated by those spectacular scenes.Elsa alone heads towards the Dam to bring back the town of Arendelle to life but she suddenly stucks there as she becomes frozen.

The Love shown between those two sisters and bond they share is what that reached to the hearts of audience.Anna always tries her best to protect her sister but Elsa on the other hand tries to save Anna by sending her back on a frozen boat which she creates herself using her magical powers. I want to quote a dialogue here that i liked the most which was :

Anna : You’re the bridge!

Elsa: Bridges have two sides, and our mother had two daughters!

In the end,Anna agrees to marry to Kristoff and Elsa compliments her sister Anna’s efforts as she protected her. I liked the story line of this movie and i hope that it had answered to many queries that were circulating in people’s mind. However, in my knowledge the story line was a bit brief they can somewhat add some more thrilling and suspicious scenes. Above all, i would give this movie a rating of 8/10.

By : Minahl Afzal

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