The City Of Lights, Victim Of Darkness

The City Of Lights

Karachi is the hub of Pakistan. It generates most of the tax revenue of the country. People from all provinces come here to earn their livelihood. But now this city of lights has become the city of fire and violence where humans bathe in blood. Murders, robbery, target killing, extortion have become the city’s identity. From a school student to a teacher, from a doctor to a lawyer, businessmen to a clerk, no one is safe in this city. Political parties, all across the world are meant to raise the voice of layman and to solve their problems, but unfortunately the political parties of Karachi are silent, and thus solely responsible for killing, murders, and the like. They are continuously ruining the peace of the city for their personal interest. There are also a number of other groups and parties destroying the peace of the city on the basis of ethnicity and race. Killings on the basis of sectarianism gave rise to fear in the mind of people. Neither a mosque, nor any religious gathering or Imam bargah or a church is safe.

 A person who goes outside the home does not know whether or not he will come back on foot or in a coffin. Sadly, it is the habit of our political parties to blame each other for poor law and order condition. Mutahida qoumi movement (MQM) always claimed that the rate of killing increased in government of Pakistan People’s party (PPP) and PPP is also responsible for killing of Urdu speaking people because they are less considered to vote them. Whereas, Awami national party (ANP) and MQM blame each other for the killing of pukhtoons and Muhajir in Karachi. On the other hand, almost all political parties time after time blame MQM for target killing and bhatta khori.

 There are many news reports about receiving bhatta by sectors of MQM. The number of arrested killers also admitted that they use to take bhatta and do target killings on the command of the sector. Basically, it is a game of interest where for their interest political parties can do anything, whether it is killing of 100 men in one night, or turn a market or factory into ashes, or black out entire cities. They have no concern for the common people and their problems. It matters nothing to them that how much children have become orphans because of their killings, how many businessmen are not able to carry on their business because of fear of robbery and bhatta and how many labors are out of work because of their black out on a non-issue. The role of law enforcing agencies is also a question mark. It is absurd that the police and rangers are failing to maintain peace, law and order situation in the city, although they have so called free hand to take action against terrorists and criminals. What more, the police sometimes evidently involved in such crimes! Extra judicial killings are also a black spot on the progress of law enforcing agencies. This is unfortunate that our police is puppet in hands of political parties and that they perform most actions on behalf of them.

 Being a resident of Karachi I cannot see my future, I am not sure if after one year I will be living or would I have become a victim of a blind bullet. I do not know whether I can use my pay or I have to give it to some robber. And this fear is not just in my heart it is in the heart of every single citizen. It is just like we are living in a jungle where powerful wolves are hunting the weaker ones out of lust. The duty of our federal government is to take interest in the affairs of Karachi and ban all those political parties which are responsible for poor law and order situation in the city so that the residents of Karachi may also have a peaceful and fear-free life.

Written By : Hira

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