The Best Political Ads of 2018 Election Campaigns

2018 Election Campaigns

The political campaigns for the 2018 elections are in full swing. While, on the outset, it might not look like that the campaigns carry any weight age for the potential voters, but they are capable of doing wonders. The advertisement and social activation that we see today, help us reflect on a policy that certain party follows. This is the reason that voters who feel disappointed due to the lack of governance form their opinion on the basis of what a leader or party promises them for the 5 years to come.

Having said that, almost all the political parties and independent candidates have come out with strong advertisements and social campaigns. Especially on social media – buying extraordinary real views and likes, their videos become better ranked in searches and suggestions. Let’s take a look at some of the best and thought-provoking political ads of this election’s campaigning:



Jamaat-e-Islami is known for its strong Islamic views and the confidence in the laws governed by the Holy Book. It is naturally one of the main reasons for the residents of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to stand by the party. Enforcing its views once again and withstanding the power of Quean, Jamaat-e-Islami’s short video ad definitely tops the list.

Following a thematic flow of people belonging to every walk of life passing Holy Book to each other, JI enforces the message that those nations who follow and preserve the teachings of Islam together, stand tall in the world. No matter if you follow this particular party or not, with this video you won’t be able to negate the need of the time for Pakistan’s development. We certainly were left thinking, will all the political parties be able to stay true to the vision on which this country was built? Most of the social media was seen supporting JI for carrying such a positive and relevant approach for Pakistan’s success around the world in the future.


If for one party that has been the target of extreme political activism in this election, there is no second word of it being PML-N. Being the ruling elite for the past five years, PML-N had to prove itself to be in a very strong position to garner another government. Be that as it may, we won’t comment on the party’s success throughout the tenure, but this advertisement will convince you of the hard work PML-N put in for the development of the country.

Among other problems, the advertisement shrewdly focuses on one problem that the country is plagued with – electricity. It convinces us that major efforts were put in to eradicate the menace of problems that burden Pakistan. Isn’t this what the political activism is all about? It definitely is!


Undoubtedly, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, which is otherwise known as PTI is the most socially active Pakistani political parties. With rigorous campaigning and back to back anthems being launched, PTI this time again jumped head first into the political advertisements as well. Though there are a number of ads portraying the party’s manifesto, we found this one the most effective and hence included it in the list.

The advertisement portrays Imran Khan’s signature style, where he tries to provoke people towards a change. Not particularly known for his religiousness, the party also used the element of religion to invigorate the people, which was a subtle yet good effect. The video also pushes people to think about the future of the generations and how it is going to be. To top it off, the reference of Allama Iqbal’s Pakistan was enough to give us goose bumps.


Wrapping this list with none other than Pakistan People’s Party that is yet another major political force in the country. Through all these years, we have seen PPP playing on the legacy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, but with Bilawal being the main force in this year’s election and being the party head, the political advertisements have definitely taken a different direction.

Bilawal Bhutto effectively uses the tool of his personality and nothing else in this advertisement to impart the party’s manifesto clearly among the potential voters. All the advertisements in this list heavily focused on the video and footage, while this particular ad’s copy managed to grab us with awe. It definitely deserves to wrap up our list of the ads that made it big in terms of ideologies in this election.

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