Thai Parliament Approved the Bill of Banning Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial Surrogacy

Thai parliament has approved the bill of banning commercial surrogacy. The law was passed by 177 votes according to that those who violate this law of commercial surrogacy can be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Southeast Asian country Thailand does not exist any method to monitor this method that’s why government banned the commercial surrogacy.

Protests and agitation was increased at that time in Thailand when a Japanese person appeared to involve in commercial surrogacy. Thailand’s military government promised to eliminate commercial surrogacy last May.

Thai lawmaker s told news agency AFP that: “We want to finish this idea from the mind of foreigners that Thailand is the Industry of Kids.”

In 1997, the Medical Council of Thailand banned commercial surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy business in Thailand has grown and it has attracted many foreigners for last few years but recently Thailand regarding this trade has suffered several scandals.

Under Thai law, “surrogate” mothers are considered the legal mother of those children to whom they give birth.

It is pertinent to mention there that the trend of Commercial Surrogacy is increasing in Asian Country India now days. Because of poverty and limited resources people are going towards this way and many women are offering to become a Surrogate Mother. According to statics there are more than three thousand Fusibility Centers for Commercial Surrogacy in all over the India but they do not have any kind of rights to protect their Rights.

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