Team PTI Getting Prepared for Dharna

Imran khan

Team PTI Getting Prepared for Dharna :  Watch the video when I a public meeting with the members of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan discussing the ideas of getting more public in dharna. When a person gave an idea that they will recite Naats to gather more public and they will also entertain public by reciting Naats. Imran Khan started scolding him that Naats will bore the audience that’s why they should not even think about it. They should play songs and music to entertain public and for gathering them.

 Now a day’s Azadi march is going on,this video is very old but Imran khan and other Pakistan tehreek e insaf members used the same tactics to gather public. They called famoius singers like Atta ullah Khan Essa khelvi and Abrar ul haq for Entertaining people. He also Recite the quotes form holy Quran and after that suddenly they starts playing the music.

 In the Azadi march girls and boys are dancing together weather it is raining, they are enjoying the party. There are many Pictures circulating on Social Media in which boys and Girls and Dancing togather in very Vulgar way and many girls are wearing In appropriate dresses.

 Most of the people are saying that this is against Islamic Norm & values and this is also damaging our Islamic Culture and norms. In many pictures girls and Dancing with boys. People are angry about this act of imran Khan and blaming him for spreading Vulgarity in Youngsters of Pakistan.

 There is Video of imran khan in which he is scolding his team member that Naats will bore the Public that’s why they should not play Naats.

Naats In Public Meeting Will Bore The Public by Regionalpost

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