Teacher Accidentally Shoots his student dead in Mingora Pakistan


PESHAWAR: As per the police, Teacher Accidentally Shoots his student dead in Mingora Pakistan  while cleaning his pistol in the staff room.

Faculty members of schools in Northwest Pakistan were given training to operate  firearms and even the permission to use them during school hours to ensure both their and the children`s protection since the Taliban militants massacred 132 students in the Peshawar Army school in the December of 2014.

A tragic accident on Thursday, 11th June 2015, in a school in the outskirts of Mingora caused instant death of a pupil. The local police officer, Fazl Rabi, informed AFP that Majid Khan, a teacher at the Private Sangota Model School, accidentally shot a 5th grade student passing by, whilst cleaning his gun in the staff room.The bullet caused instant death for the kid.

Consequently, the teacher was taken behind the bars.The teachers in the province of Northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were given permission to carry the guns and the essential training, along with the guidelines about handling the arms, in January.

It was to provide protection for the local schools from similar assailants as those involved in the Peshawar Army school attack, as the government admitted that they could not assign police guards for every school.

However, the teachers` association has remonstrated to training and arming staff, protesting that it was not the part of their job to combat the militants, and that they were mere teachers paid for educating the children.


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