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Google Places Modi into the List of Most Stupid Prime Ministers in the World

Narendra Modi,after his entry in the list of the top ten criminals by Google, has now made it to Google’s list of Most stupid prime ministers in the world. Type “the most stupid Prime Ministers of the World” in the …

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches his Own App

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has launched his own app, ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ on Wednesday, hence becoming the first Indian Prime Minister to take governance to the next level. Narendra Modi, in order to step up his digital …

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Indian PM Narendra Modi Appears On The List Of Top Ten Criminals

The appearance of Narendra Modi in the list of top ten criminals on the world`s most authentic search engine, Google, has created agitation amongst the whole of Indian media, particularly Twitter. The hash tag #top10criminals became the most recurrent tag, …

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