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Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi?

Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi??!!!! What message was given to Madonna by these two? What are they trying to tell the world about what sort of place Pakistan’s biggest city is? Read some of …

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NUST Engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment

engineer suicide

Aizaz Ali, a twenty four year old unemployed NUST engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment at his home in Railway Housing Scheme Rawalpindi.  He was found by his sister, who works at Benazir Bhutto Hospital. Sub Inspector Wali Mohammad, who is …

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Killer Blue Whale Game an Inside Story

Blue Whale is A game of cyber bullying and malware. All of us are aware of this suicide game but the question is what makes teenagers to do suicide after playing this game ? There are many facts which are …

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Karachi: We often witness hate slogans and offensive remarks on the walls of Karachi. What really could make a difference is seeing paint-splattered walls instead of betel-spattered. LOVE-SMEARED WALLS OF KARACHI The sound of paint scraping from the walls did …

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Sindh Government Likely to Launch Purple Bus Service for Women

Sindh Government likely to launch Purple Bus Service for Women in Karachi and Hyderabad. Punjab Government introduced Pink Bus service for females in Lahore earlier but it failed due to lake of interest from relevant departments and men started traveling …

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Iran Offers to Cooperate With Saudi to Solve Yemen Crisis

Iran Offers to Cooperate With Saudi

Iran has expressed willingness to Work in collation with Saudi Arabia to end the crisis and resolve the tense situation in Yemen. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir says that Iran wants all parties to bring back to the negotiating …

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Indian Bride Rejects Groom Over Failed Math Test

NEW DELHI: An Indian bride refused to marry only because of the groom failed to solve very simple math’s question. The news agency AP quoted that on Wednesday of this week bride took the math exam but groom solved the …

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Jobless Artists Makes Sand Sculptures at Beach to Attract Job

Media plays key role to drawing someone’s attention to any problem and get resolved by the government and by other means. In today’s time, this responsibility has mainly adopted by social media. Several people, suffering from serious diseases besides very …

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People Who Inspired the World with their Extraordinary Abilities

Python Boy

 People Who Inspired the World with their Extraordinary Abilities Although, the nature has awarded much talent to the man in the world, but some human being possesses extraordinary abilities which differentiate them from others. These people astonish their onlookers.  Let …

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Most Amazing Inventions of This Year

The biggest exhibition of the technological world, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), concluded in Las Vegas yielding astounding devices. From drones to connected cars, smart home technology to every-day use devices, the gadgets presented there were simply astonishing and remarkable. Some …

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Wife Must Be Happy Than Husband For Happy Life, Study

LONDON: Wife must be happy  than husband for happy life. In other words, we can say that in order to keep the vehicle of married life on track, it is essential for a wife to be happy more than her …

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Best Homemade and Natural Face Cleansers

Face cleansing is an essential part of one’s daily skincare routine. There multiple face cleansers are available in the market and that products claim that they are 100 percent natural but you never know that what ingredients or chemicals might …

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Eight Dead Due to Heavy Snowfall in New York

New York: Daily routine has been disturbed and eight people died Due to Heavy Snowfall in New York, United States. According to news agency Reuters Buffalo city and its surrounding areas have been highly affected. Many areas of Sate are …

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China Will Send 120 Artificial Satellites In Space

BEIJING: China will send 120 artificial satellites in space. According to the Chinese officials, China has decided to send 120 artificial satellites in space in order to form its personal space infrastructure for the sake of fulfilling the social and …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Warmly Welcomed In Pakistan

KARACHI: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest addition in the ongoing inventions by Samsung. After its recent arrival in Pakistan, this new smart phone has attracted the heeds of all those people who are fond of technologies and want …

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