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Sugary Drinks Cause 184,000 Deaths Every Year, Study

Sugry Drinks

Consumption of Sugary drinks heightens up in the month of Ramadan but a report has proven the habit hazardous for health since it causes 184,000 deaths annually all around the globe- 25,000 of them in USA alone. 

A study was conducted which looked into the data of deaths occurring from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The result of the study was presented in a 2013 meeting where the scientists suggested that the deaths might be a consequence of consuming too many sugary drinks.

The horrifying results suggested that sweetened drinks can cause as many deaths as flu.

As per Dr Dariush Muzaffarian, the author of the study and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Massachusetts, “This is a global concern and people should strive to significantly reduce or annihilate the use of sweet drinks like iced teas and carbonated beverages from the diet.” It should be a global priority to substantially reduce or eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from the diet.

He further shed light on the evidence that suggests that sugar-sweetened drinks are the causes behind the soaring obesity issue in many countries.

The Assistant professor at Tufts, Gitanjali Singh, pointed out the percentage of obesity-related deaths due sweetened beverages. The research revealed that 133,000 deaths are brought about by type 2 diabetes yearly, 45,000 deaths by heart diseases and around 6,450 deaths result from cancer.

Singh further provided that around eight countries belonged to Latin America and Caribbean from the list of 20 countries with the highest estimates of sugar-induced deaths.

The researchers proved that Mexico had the highest death rate of deaths due to excessive sugar intake while Japan, where unsweetened teas are preferred over sweetened ones, had only negligible deaths from sugary drinks.

The American Heart Association disclosed that sugar is often added to various foods to improve their taste; nevertheless they do not hold any nutritional benefit. In fact, they contain calories which in turn become the cause of obesity and cardiac diseases.

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