Submarine Cable Damage Affects Internet Services in Pakistan

Internet Services in Pakistan

Submarine Cable Damage Affects Internet Services in Pakistan.The Pakistan telecommunication Limited acknowledged on Thursday, 25h June 2015, that the internet speed throughout Pakistan has to face problems due to an unexpected fault in the undersea submarine cable.

All across the country, the PTCL subscribers – even the ones using 3G- are confronting slow internet speed and other connectivity issues, thanks to the glitch that has suddenly arose in SEAMEWE4.

PTCL has informed its users of the fault through its customer care department`s Twitter post and assures them that the problem has been identified and currently being worked on.

It further apprised that the bandwidth is being upgraded on other cables so as to improve the connectivity while the damaged cables may take up to two, three weeks to get fixed.

Another post from the same PTCL account revealed that the ETR is not available yet but the issue is expected to be resolved in a matter of next few hours.

As per the resources, the fault is of corporeal nature and developed in the sea near Karachi.

The officials reported that the identification did not take long but the fixation is taking longer than anticipated by the experts.

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