Spanish Woman Sues eBay for Denying her Right to Sell the Sun

Woman Sues Ebay

Spanish Woman Sues eBay for Denying her Right to Sell the Sun

A Spanish woman Maria Angeles Duran has sued eBay for shutting her from the selling of extraterrestrial real estates. Maria 54, has been claiming to own the sun for a long time now; in 2010, she began threatening the users of solar power that she was going to charge them.

Duran started with the selling of plots on the sun for $1 per square meter or $3.28 per square foot, but EBay blocked her for violating policy again intangible goods. She reports that EBay has charged her a fee for the sales and now that she has racked up 600 orders, they have blocked her. She accuses EBay of owing her $11,000 and shutting her down before she could collect her money from them.

Incredibly, the local court will be witnessing the most outlandish lawsuit next month, despite the absurdity associated with the case. Maria is insistent that ‘I am not a mad woman and I know the law.’ and she is basing her real estate manoeuvre on a loophole in the UN`s Outer Space Treaty which forbids the nations to claim ownership of any heavenly body, but fails to mention the individuals.

The court has decided to neglect the legitimacy of her claim to own the sun but it is going to look into the statement if she has violated eBay`s seller agreement.

The speculations note that Maria is trying to outweigh EBay in the lawsuit through a statement against the corporate world and vows that any profit generated will go to the charity.

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