A Source of Inspiration,Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan,Mass Communication

By : Mehnaz Shaffiq

Life has not been easy for many of the people but among those people who face the fate of life in a steadfast manner is the name of Ali Hasan.

Ali Hasan,student of Mass Communication Department,University Of Karachi is now studying in BS second year.For him life was full of difficulties and challenges but he managed it somehow and now hopeful that in future he will get a good position and will be successful one day.

Ali Hasan suffered from Polio when he was 2 years old.His father was a government  employee  and died in 1998.After the death of his father ,he suffered from many complex situation.His mother was fighting from hepatits C,they sold out all their property for the treatment of his mother,but atlast she died in 2003.Ali Hasan left alone.Because of Polio he could not do that work which others could do.

He engaged himself in a state agency as a telephone operator from 2003 to 2004.He came to Karachi University to live with his aunt.He didn’t have money to start some work,but he never loose enthusiasm.in 2006,He invested 600 rupees in internet cards and started selling them inside the university.He visited difeerent departments and pursued the students to buy internet cards from him.

In 2006 his qualification was matric.His aim was to get  education but he was not financially strong to bear even his academic expenses.

After  hardworking of 5 years,in 2011 Ali Hasan enrolled himself privately to give intermediate examinations.He gave combine papers and succeeded.He always wanted to get admission in Mass Communication department,as he wants to join print media and wants to make it a career.He got admission in International Relations Department but by giving subsidiary papers and getting 80{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} marks in it,he transferred himself in Mass Communication Department.

Starting from a investment of 600 rupees,now Ali Hasan has a install in front of Arts lobby,Silver Jubilee Gate,University Of Karachi.He sells mobile phone cards,Memory cards,mobile accessories,stationary items etc.He earns his income and bear all his expenses.He has his own bike which is especially designed for disable people.He lives in staff town,University of Karachi with his aunt.

Although Ali Hasan has one brother and one sister,who are happily married and many other relatives.He meets them but in terms of equal level not because he wants some help from them.

Ali Hasan now aged 33,is believes that Allah is always there,and is helping him.He is hopeful that surely one day he will achieve his goal and will spend a successful life.

Ali Hasan is a source of inspiration for thousands of students,coming in Karachi University everyday.

Ali Hasan proved that if a person wants to achieve something in life,no power can stop him to achieve it.

Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan is a source of inspiration for thousands of students

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  1. I have met ali hassan bhai in personal ! he is the person with high morale , A true hero , a real inspiration . May Allah give him strenght to acheive all his goals .

  2. Goood man, this is really a motivational biography , i often see him in KU,but now i know the real story,
    that brought me to remember the quote of azim premji

    “If people are not laughing on your goals,your goals are too small.”

    I am from UBIT,(dept of comp sc)

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