Some achievements by President Muhammad Morsi

Mohammed Morsi

Some achievements by President Muhammad Morsi

1) He throw the army generals and SCAF out of the politics and removed 11 year longed defense minister.
2) He got passed the constitution, even with many hurdles. 62{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} people voted for the constitution. Constitution was necessary for parliamentarian elections. Also constitution included important articles for women’s rights and freedom of speech.
3) He sacked Mubarak era prosecutor, who did not pursue the cases against Mubarak regime properly.
4) He included 90{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} non-Mulsim Brotherhood technocrats in his cabinet
5) Investments in Egypt grew in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2012-2013 from 170.4 billions Egyptian pound (24.25 billion U.S. dollars) to 181.9 billion Egyptian pound (25.95 billion dollars), the report said.
6) In one year tourists increased from 8.2 million to 9.2 million.
7) 1.9 million employees benefited from the policy of raising the standard of minimum wage.
8) Other achievements in the aspects of electricity, human rights, and freedoms were tackled.
9) He did not impose new taxes.
10) He played active role in Gaz-Israel war forcing Israel to come on the table for dialogue, many conditions by Hamas were accepted. He showed his strong
diplomatic skills engaging USA, Turkey and other countries in this matter. Remember, once Mubarak even closed his borders in Gaza-Israel war.
11) He took a strong stance against Bashaar-ul-Asaad, supporting Syrian revolution, After many years some Egyptian president put a strong image of Egypt on world level.

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