Shaista Wahidi breaks the news about her recent Wedding

Shaista Lodhi

Former morning show host, Shaista Wahidi, has finally shared details about her recent wedding, revealing her wedding pictures and her spouse’s name.

The fans have waited with baited breaths for the details about the mysterious wedding that took place. Shaista’s tweet on 30th June revealed as much as a picture of the couple exchanging rings.

However, another tweet soon materialized a candid shot of the spouses with Shaista’s sons. As per the bride herself, her husband’s name is Adnan Lodhi and he is her relative.

Shaista Wahidi

Shaista had vowed to share the details about her wedding to those who had been waiting. Without further ado, she dispatched a blog post on her website which talked about how she had resurfaced from the difficult times she had to endure.

Shaista Wahidi Wedding

She explains that previous year had been a real challenge for her when she was forced to leave her beloveds behind due to the controversy that arose from her morning show. She unraveled how surviving in a new country without a job was made bearable by her children’s support.


On her return to Pakistan this June, she realized how she difficult it was to survive in a society for a single woman, and gave re-marrying a thought until she eventually tied the knot on 30th June.


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