Seven Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Waziristan Suicide attack

Suicide Attack Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As per the statement of the army, one of the terrorists exploded the suicide jacket on his body, causing the deaths of 7 military men who were chasing them.

12 extremists bid farewell to their lives during an army land operation against terrorism in the tribal area of Pakistan, South Waziristan.Meanwhile, 7 army men attained martyrdom in Waziristan Suicide attack.

The ISPR of the department of Public relations stated that the martyred militant men included 5 commanders too.According to the report, a conflict arose in an area near Afghan frontier on Sunday night.The army stated that on getting pursued, one of the men in the terrorist group blew the explosive belt, due to which 7 army men lost their life.

The Pakistan army has launched the ‘Zarb-i-Azb’ operation since June last year against the terrorism to bring enduring peace and stability in South Waziristan and other areas of Pakistan.

The Army further reported that this area, which is adjacent to Afghan border, has been cleaned from the terrorists. However, operations against terrorism in other far and wide areas are still in process.

In these weeks, the terrorist abri in the areas of Shawwal and Datta khel have been targeted through the Pakistan air force, whilst their abri in Shawwal has been attacked with drones too.

It is being said by the leaders of Pakistan army that after prominent success of anti-terrorism operations in tribal areas, decisive operations against the extremist groups in other cities are also being launched.


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