Search of 290 missing persons of South Korean Sunken Ferry is Continues for the second day


South Korea:Due to high waves the divers are facing difficulties to search and entering in the ship. So far authorities have confirmed six people dead in the accident that took place on Wednesday while 179 people have been evacuated to shore safely.

On Tuesday night, the ship which was full of approximately 450 passengers was left to the Tourist Island;there were 340 students and teachers of the local school who were going to Tourist Island on a study tour.

The ship sank Wednesday afternoon, when it was passing near the southern port city Jindo.  The eye witnesses said the plane was close to land and people saw it suddenly drowned.

Authorities say the plane was 146 meters long, which was made in 1994 and had a capacity of 900 persons to board. The causes of the accident are still unclear but some members of the crew and passengers of the ship who reached on the coast said they heard loud before the sinking of the ship. South Korean’s officials seeking work of the missing victims in ship accident is being done on large scale which involved more than 100 boats and 18 helicopters.

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