Schoolboy Shot by Police While Posing for Selfie with Toy Gun

Toy Gun

Schoolboy Shot by Police While Posing for Selfie with Toy Gun in Faisalabad city of Punjab province, Pakistan.Schoolboy in Faisalabad bid farewell to his life due to excessive bleeding on being shot by the police for taking selfies with a toy gun. On Monday, the police fired openly at two schoolboys busy taking pictures with a toy pistol on the Susan road in Faisalabad.

As per the report, the station house officer (SHO) of peoples Colony, Faryad Hussain, broke fire at the adolescent boys without warning. The boys, identified as Farhan, aged 15 and Farhan, 14 years of age, were busy taking pictures with a fake pistol to post on their Facebook account

The injured boys were instantly taken by the police to the district headquarters (DHQ) hospital for immediate medical assistance. The police officers fed from the crime scene after realizing that they had shot the wrong boys and they were not, in fact, armed robbers.

Farhan, whose condition was critical, died on Monday night, due to excessive bleeding. His dead body was sent to a mortuary for a post mortem check up after which it was handed over to the aggrieved family members.

The SHO, Faryad Hussain, and four other police members are charged with a murder case. While the case is in process, the city police officer, Afzal Kausar, formed a committee- constituting of SSP Investigation Faisalabad, SP Lyalpur town and SP Madina town- to further investigate the murder and are expected to submit a report within 24 hours.

The injured Fahad told the reporters, “Farhan and I were busy taking pictures with the toy guy when the SHO reached the spot with his policemen and opened fire at them upon disembarking his vehicle.” The police reported that the SHO had received a phone call about some armed robbers looting on Susan road.

The policemen reached the spot and confronted the robbers, who opened fire on seeing them but had to endure firing in return. The police alleged that two robbers, including Farhan Iftikhar of Peoples colony, suffered from injuries while their abettor escaped the scene.

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