Save the Children NGO Banned in Pakistan

Save the Childeren Pakistan NGO

ISLAMABAD: Authorities padlock gates of the International NGO Save the Children office in Islamabad on 11th June 2015, as per the official claim that its staff members have been involved in conspiracies against Pakistan.

The International non-governmental organization, suspected of being involved in anti-Pakistan interests, has been ordered by the officials of the administrations to leave the country within 15 days on Thursday, 11th June 2015.

The aid charity has previously been accused of assisting the Central Intelligence Agency and Dr. Shakeel Afridi for tracking the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad.

The notification, issued by Economic Affairs Division (EFD), reads: “The competent authority has been pleased to decide that M/s Save the Children international be asked to wind up its offices/operations in Pakistan forthwith and also issue direction to its expatriates to leave Pakistan within 15 days.”

Furthermore, the administration officials revealed that the expulsion of one of the best non-governmental organization of the world was being dislodged from Pakistan on the basis of the distrust that has been sown in the hearts for years now. The security officials suspect that the ‘Save the Children’ NGO has been using foreign charities as a cover for its intelligence activities.

“Some International reports suggest that some INGOs operating in Pakistan, funded by US, India and Israel, are involved in working on anti-state agenda.” The interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar, revealed at a Press Conference on Friday. He further clarified those offices of any INGO participating in anti-Pakistan activities would be shut down.

The spokesperson of the NGO confirmed that their office in the federal capital has been shut down. However, he complained that they had not been given any prior notice about this action.

Moreover, he exerted that all their workers were Pakistanis.

The NGO further added that all their work was in close compliance with the government ministries of the country and that it aims to nourish the delivery systems of public services in various sectors.


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