Saudi Student Kicked off a Bus for Not Covering her Head

Saudi Student Kicked off a Bus

RIYADH: A student of Princess Nora bint Abdurrahman University in Saudi Arabia forced to disembark the university bus by a male supervisor for not covering her face.

A report on revealed a video posted on YouTube about a supervisor going out of control with anger on seeing a female student with an exposed face in the bus.

The video shows the aforementioned supervisor commanding the driver to stop the bus and asking the other students in the bus to expose the identity of the female student without a veil on her face. He also ordered the driver to turn off the air-conditioner so that the students reveal the truth out of irritation.

When the students provided evidence that hiding their face is not compulsory then the supervisor went berserk and threatened to get them all expelled by the Minister of education, Dr. Azzam Al Dakhil.

The students reported that they always keep their faces uncovered in the bus due to the fact that the bus mirror is tainted and no one can see them from the outside. ‘My friends and I always keep our faces uncovered in the bus.’

One of the girls reported, ‘The supervisor saw one of us with an unveiled face and went red with rage. His indiscipline is against the law and order of the university.’

The girl in the video further informed that due to this unnecessary incident, other buses that were to take them home got delayed too.

This is to be borne in mind that the code of conduct of the university clearly instructs all its students to dress according to the norms of the society. However, this does not bind them to cover their faces.

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