Saudi King hits French Beach with a 1000 men Strong Entourage

Saudi King Salman
Saudi King Salman

Vallauris, France: Saudi King Salman, hits the Riviera Beach in France with no less than 10k people from his entourage on Friday.

Despite the fact that Saudi King Salman, the king’s three-week visit to France is a godsend for the local economy, it has also incited negative response from the general mass due to the closure of beach for the public to foster security and privacy to the royal troop.

The royalty’s closer ones will be accommodated in the family’s private villa which stretches around a kilometer from Antibes and Marseille of Riviera coastline while around 700 members of his group will be allocated rooms in the best hotels Cannes has to offer.

According to the tradition, hundreds of Saudis will be following the King’s league and resort on the southern French beach.

Michel Chevillon, the president of an association representing hotel managers in Cannes, “This is apparently a glad tiding for us.”

He further stated, “The Saudis are influential people with huge purchasing power which will not only boost the luxury hotel industry but also the retail and tourism sectors of the town.”

However, not everyone is glad at the Saudi Kind and royalty’s arrival. Almost a kilometer of the beach will be cleared off from public and anyone spotted within 300 meters of the villa shall not be entertained.

The Saudis further incited anger by affecting the surrounding in drastic ways in the efforts to build an elevator from the villa to the beach.

A petition against this act of ‘privatization’ has mustered around 45 thousand signatures in mere 8 days.

The petition demands equal rights for all: be it foreigners or denizens, since a beach is natural zone; as much a public property as other intrinsic benefits.

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