Saudi Arabia Switches to the Western Gregorian Calendar to Save Funds


Saudi Arabia Switches to the Western Gregorian Calendar to Save Funds. The Islamic calendar used in Saudi Arabia is shorter (by a few days in a year) than the Gregorian calendar. They simply want that employees to work longer as the reason for this shift to western calendar.. Has this policy got anything to do with religious activities? Let them use whatever they want to use but it doesn’t change anything. Ramadan remains the month in which the mandatory fasting will be observed. Dhul hajj remains the month in which the annual pilgrimage will be observed. In fact the Islamic calendar remains intact so what is the big deal? Islamic calendar is for the whole Muslims not Saudi Arabia alone. To me I see nothing worth writing about in the change adopted by the Saudi authority.

They getting ready for the New World Order we are sold out to Saudi Arabia the Clinton’s, Obama and Soros made sure of that, have you not woken up yet, you have not much time left, why do you think they want a sick, mentality and physical unfit Women in office they don’t care if she drops dead the next day as long as they can take over.

Saudi Arabia is reeling with the slump in the price of oil, which is by the way it’s own making as it, on the one hand wanted to drive the shale oil in the USA out of business and on the other hand squeeze the economy of Iran, Russia and Venezuela in low oil price on behalf of its master (USA). It is also involved in various illegal wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen which drained it’s resources and forced it to purchase arms estimated at more than $87Billion since 2015. This has resulted cuts on welfare and infrastructure and tension is rising as people are realizing the squandering of their resources by Al Saud family. No wonder they are abandoning their culture and embracing Western values, this is the beginning and Al Saudi’s house of cards as it is going to collapse soon.

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