Salman Khan Wishes to Meet Chand Nawab, the Internet Sensation

Salman Khan

According to the Times of India, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan superstar, Salman Khan, cannot hold his horses so meet the Pakistani reporter, Chand Nawab, after watching his hilarious scene in the movie. Word has it that the B-town actor is taking all the necessary steps to arrange the meeting between the two.

‘The funny guy from the video’ that went viral on the internet has now excited most of the Bollywood celebrities and now they just cannot wait to meet him; The Pakistani journalist is literally a star now!

Whilst speaking to the media, Chand said, “I was over the moon when Kabir Khan informed me about the sequence. I am most obliged and my gratitude towards my friends for the fame is beyond expression. I owe it all to the love and respect Pakistanis have showered me with.”

Sharing his fears with the reporters, Chand Nawab revealed, “I was afraid that the video might ruin my career as a journalist, but my friends and family assured me that I will attain success.”

Meanwhile, while lauding the Pakistani, Kabir Khan told, “Nawab is now a star back home, and I am thrilled for him. I found him cute and endearing from the video and he is!”

Chand Nawab is not insecure about the video anymore, but he still thinks it a bad example of failure.

“He thought it a bad example of failure but one of the biggest Bollywood movies has based a character on him and it’s a huge recognition.” said Kabir.

It sure is no surprise anymore that Salman wants to meet him!

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