Robotic Submarine Could Finish ht Hunt for Malaysian Plane


Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that search of the missing Malaysian craft in the Indian Ocean by robotic submarine will be finished within a week.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said to ‘The Wall Street Journal’ said if the blue fen 2 Submarine could not find the rubble of missing plane, then the authorities will think again how to be moved forward.

On Thursday the search authorities said that submarine completed its first 16 hour-long mission. Before it, Due to the Technical reasons the process had to leave incomplete.

90 square kilometers Search work of finding the drown craft done by the Blue Fen 21 submarine, but according to the officials they could not have remarkable help.

The U.S. Navy warned that the search work in the area of ​​600 square kilometers may takes up to two months.

Meanwhile on Thursday possibly 12 aircraft and 11 ships were engaged in search for missing plane wreckage.
Australian officials have noted that no signs of floating wreckage have found in this area so far therefore, the mission will be over soon.

Boeing 777 was missing at the beginning of last month while traveling from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. 239 people were on board including the crew.

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