Burning India

By: Prof. Dr. Gholam Mujtaba

The creation of Pakistan, or the division of India was a byproduct of Hindu extremism targeted against Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities. Though Muslims ruled India for 900 years, and the British ruled for the next 100 years, there seemed to be no forced conversion by neither of them into Islam or Christianity. India continued to maintain its status as a majority Hindu belt of the subcontinent.

Today, religious intolerance and fanaticism are a threat to world peace whether it is Islamic fanaticism of Taliban or Al Qaeda; Hindu extremism of Narendra Modi of Gujarat and Ahmedabad or the Christian extremism displayed by Slobodan Milosevic of Bosnia Herzegovina.

“If I ever get a chance to dismantle Pakistan, I’ll have no hesitation in doing so. We want an ‘Akhand Bharat’ (a larger India based on Hindu ideology) in the region”, said an over drunk, former Deputy PMof India, Mr. L.K. Advani post 9/11 in a meeting with few officials in this country (venue kept secret). This is exactly, what the policy makers wanted to listen to get to know his insight. Though Mr. L. K. Advani had the charisma of a Hindu extreme Leader to become the next Prime Minister, yet those watching him from a distance had some other ideas about him. He could never reach “Panchavati”.

Narendra Modi having his hands full of Muslim blood is bigger threat than L.K. Advani. Extremism never survives or sustains, but the after effects takes years to wash out, as we have witnessed with OBL and Milosevic. Narendra Modi’s extreme ideology will in fact break India into pieces in the long run, however the first casualty will be a surge in hate and intolerance towards other faiths. Both, Muslim and Christian populations had been furious against such fanaticism of Narendra Modi. The “Khalistan” uprising of the Sikh community against Hindu extremism is a recent memory.

Pakistan or Pakistanis are NOT against the people of India. Even, my own family migrated from India and there is good number of my relatives living in their ancestral homes in India, but one can find a wide gap in the socio-economic growth between these families, those who migrated to Pakistan and had a free living, versus those who preferred to stay in India. WHY IS THAT? What’s wrong with the system in India? The Hindu fanatics narrowed the opportunities for the Muslims and Christians down. In the past 1000 years, this is the first time India is ruled by the Hindus while displaying all signs of discrimination against her minorities.

There are interest groups in the West who are concerned in bringing Pakistan India ties closer, but there is no one who talks of Chenab, Ravi, and Jhelum rivers being dried up deliberately by India violating international agreements with Pakistan. No one talks of Padma, Jumna or River Ganges getting dried up in Bangladesh through conscious planning of Indians.

Although, we in the West have ignored human rights violations of India, yet India has always followed a policy detrimental to our interests. The Indians joined the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa Alliance) to contain U.S. hegemony. India had been aligned to former USSR, an alliance to balance American power.

India has poked into Afghanistan in most of its development projects financed either by the United States or powers friendly to the U.S. policies including the Oil rich Middle East.

Though, Pakistan’s sacrifices in bringing the United States, a sole superpower in a unipolar world is undeniable. The Sino American relationship, war against the Soviets in Afghanistan to dismantle the USSR and the present fight against terror bear the tag of Pakistan.

One wonders, at the end of the day it is India taking the bite, out of the cake in Afghanistan.

India is responsible for creating mess in the region whether it is Kashmir, Baluchistan, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Tibet or the religious strife in Gujarat and Ahmedabad. More precisely, these are the Narendra Modi ideologues responsible for this bickering. It is time to get rid of these Hindu Talibans.

Presence of Talibans, either of Mullah Umer or Hindu Taliban of Narendra Modi is detrimental to world peace.

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