Reham Khan’s Credentials held under the Cloud


The credentials of the new wife of Imran Khan and the former BBC presenter, Reham Khan, are held under the cloud at her claim of acquiring a degree in journalism from a college that does not offer that course at all.

The news of the clandestine marriage of the cricket sensation, Imran Khan, to the 42 years old TV journalist, Reham Khan had left everyone enthralled. Now the flow of inquisition is directed at the authenticity of the resume of the former BBC presenter, Reham Khan, who came to Pakistan from Britain two years ago.

Reham’s personal website claims that she earned her post as a reporter on the BBC regional show ‘South Today’ after starting a postgraduate course ‘in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay [sic] College’, in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

However, the officials at the North Lindsey revealed that it does not offer the course of Journalism in their educational institution at all.

Moreover, they cannot find any record of anyone bearing Khan’s name or age ever having enrolled.

“We never had anyone by those names or date of birth enrolled in this college,” says a spokesman. “We have never done a degree in broadcast journalism.”

Reham is yet to pass a comment on this perplexing situation but this is certainly not the first time her past has been obscured by mystery.

In an interview with a Pakistani journalist earlier this year, she claimed to suffer from domestic violence in her first marriage to 54-year-old NHS psychiatrist, Dr Ijaz Rehman.

However, this was angrily denied by the doctor, “I strongly reject these allegations,” he said, “I have never raised my hand at anyone, let alone hit them. Domestic violence is a very serious offence.”

While elaborating on this issue, he further outlines, “I am at a senior position in the NHS and if I was convicted or charged or found involved in domestic violence, in any sense, I wouldn’t have been able to practice my job here anymore.’

Imran Khan, 62, is currently a leading politician of Pakistan and has two sons from his nine-year marriage to Jemima, 41, and a daughter from a previous relationship with the late heiress, Sita White. Reham too is a mother to three children from her last marriage.

Imran and Reham tied the knot in a simple ceremony in Islamabad soon after falling in love and their wedding was reported to endure opposition from some members of his family. Reham was subjected to insults after photos of her in inappropriate clothes and a video of her tango dancing made a round on the internet in the conservative Islamic country.

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