What is the Reality of Afzal Khan?

Afzal Khan PTI

What is the Reality of Afzal Khan?Former Additional Secretary Election Commission Afzal Khan accused of rigging the election, but on the evening of the election he was seen giving guarantees about the transparency of the elections. At different stages of his statements, it can be estimated that what is true and what is false. Last year when Afzal Khan was the Additional Secretary of Election Commission, in the Geo News program Jirga he Assured all that the elections would be fair and there is not any chance of rigging in the election.

A month before elections in a press conference he said in a press conference that they will remove all the chances of rigging and concerns of the Supreme Court in the elections and Chief Justice is also helping them for fair election.

In the last election when Afzal Khan Additional Secretary Election Commission, He also loved to become famous and he always wanted to face the camera. This is easily seen that on Nine April 2013 when the Interior Minister was talking to the media then Afzal Khan put his hand down and began to speak. When the reporter asked why you are talking like this because this is the responsibility of Interior Minister and you do not have any right to speak this in a press conference. Journalists reminded him that you are just Additional Secretary Election of Commission so you don’t have to give these kinds of explanations and let the Interior minister speak.

Watch the video and judge that Afzal Khan was right that time or he is telling the truth right now because he was giving guarantees before elections that elections will be 11 percent fair and after elections his statements was same but yesterday he changed his statements.

There are also many pictures in which he can be seen with his daughters and his wife in the Azadi March of PTI in Islamabad so many people are claiming that this is a cheap publicity stunt or he have taken millions of rupees from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Imran Khan.

Reality of Afzal Khan by Regionalpost

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