Ramadan Moratorium ends:  Executions continue all over the Pakistan


Pakistan:The temporary moratorium on capital punishment has been lifted all over the country after Ramadan.

The two prisoners in the Central jail of Multan, Karim Nawaz and Farooq Babar, have been hanged to their deaths. Karim had committed a murder in 1999 over an old family feud whilst Farooq killed a man on his failure to return his debt.

The mercy petitions of both the criminals were denied and the two got executed on 27th of July after the temporary moratorium came to an end.

This is to be borne in mind that the Federal government of  Pakistan had temporarily called off the hangings from 13th June till Eid-ul-Fitr, as a token of respect for the Muslim month.

Moreover, 6 criminals would be hanged to death in the coming week in the Adiala Jail of Rawalpindi.

The appeal for forgiveness has been disregarded by the high court as well as by the President of Pakistan. Their death warrants were issued immediately after that.

The present PML-N government had lifted the moratorium and the capital punishment has been reinstated.

The death penalty in cases pertained to terrorism was instated under the National Action Plan after the attack on the Peshawar Army Public School which took 141 lives last year.

Later, the government reinstated capital punishment for all offences that follow the death penalty. Various jails around the country are fostering around 80’000 convicts on death row.

According to the sources, 120 convicts in abominable crimes and 15 convicts in terrorism cases have been persecuted in Punjab under the NAP thus far.

However, the European Union (EU) has been after Pakistan to re-launch the moratorium on death penalty and fulfill all its international obligations. Right activists in the country are also opposing the capital punishment.

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